Welded Mesh and Steel Concrete Reinforcing 


  • ¼" to 4" Square Mesh and Rectangular Meshes.
  • Expanded and Perforated Sheets.
  • Concrete Reinforcing Mesh and Cut and Bent Bars.
  • Fabric & Sundries

Please contact us for any size not shown. A full range of all non-stock sizes is available to order.

We are pleased to announce a reduction in prices across the board (as of 02/02/10) on our weldmesh range; please contact our sales staff for latest rates and availability.

Stock - Welded Mesh & Steel Concrete Reinforcing 


Size Weight/Length
1"x1"x10g Weldmesh 8'x4'Sheets 4.41kg/sqm
1"x1"x12g Weldmesh 6'x3'Sheets 2.91kg/sqm 
1"x1"x12g Weldmesh 8'x4'Sheets 2.91kg/sqm 
2"x2"x10g Weldmesh 6'x3'Sheets 2.37kg/sqm 
2"x2"x10g Weldmesh 8'x4'Sheets 2.37kg/sqm 
2"x2"x10g Weldmesh 7'x12'Sheets 2.37kg/sqm 
2"x2"x8g Weldmesh 8'x4'Sheets 3.87kg/sqm 
1"x1"x12g Galv. Weldmesh 8'x4'  3.12kg/sqm 
2"x2"x10g Galv. Weldmesh 8'x4' Sheets 2.47kg/sqm 
1/2"x1/2"x16g Galv. Weldmesh 1.200x6M  2.71kg/sqm 
1/2"x1"x16g Galv. Weldmesh 1.200x6M  2.04kg/sqm 
1/4"x1/4"x22g Galv. Weldmesh 0.9x6M Rolls 1.04kg/sqm 

Concrete Reinforcing Bar

Size Weight/Length
H8 High Tensile Round  0.395kgm 6M 
H10 High Tensile Round 0.617kgm 6M 
H12 High Tensile Round  0.888kgm 6M 
H16 High Tensile Round  1.58kgm 6M 
H20 High Tensile Round  2.47kgm 6M 
H25 High Tensile Round  3.85kgm 6M 

Expanded Metal

Size Weight/Length
157R EXPANDED 38x16.5x1.6mm 8'x4' SHEETS 3.4kg/sqm
336R EXPANDED 85.7x40.6x3mm 8'x4' SHEETS 3.67kg/sqm
246R EXPANDED WALKWAY 44.5x12.7mm 8'x4' SHEETS 16.94kg/sqm

Walkway Flooring

Size Weight/Length
WALKWAY MESH 25x3 40/100 6Mx1M 17.5kg/sqm
Fabric & Sundries  
16g Black Annealed Tying Wire 20kg 20kg = 1No.ROLL
16g Tying Wire 2kg Coil W16M 99.5M
40mm/50mm Plastic Grade Plate Spacers 200 PER BAG
A142 Fabric 2.4x4.8M Sheets 2.22kg/sqm
A393 Fabric 2.4x4.8M Sheets 6.16kg/sqm
Spacer Blocks (4050)  
Spacer Blocks 40/50 Heavy Duty  
Available to Order
A193 2.4M X 4.8M sheets 3.02kg/sqm
A252 2.4M X 4.8M sheets 3.95kg/sqm
B1131 2.4M X 4.8M sheets 10.90kg/sqm
B283 2.4M x 4.8M sheets 3.73kg/sqm
B385 2.4M x 4.8M sheets 4.53kg/sqm
B503 2.4M x 4.8M sheets 5.93kg/sqm
B785 2.4M x 4.8M sheets 8.14kg/sqm

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