Sheet & Plate 


  • 12.56kg/sqm2000 x 1000 x 0.8mm CR4 Sheet to 8000 x 2000 x 50 HR Plate.
  • Durbar Plate 3mm to 12.5mm.
  • Galvanised Sheets – specifications below.
  • Profile and laser cutting services.

Please contact us for any size not shown. A full range of all non-stock sizes is available to order.

Stock - Sheet & Plate


Size Weight
2000x1000x0.8mm/22g CR4 5.50kg/sqm 
2000x1000x0.9mm/20g CR4 7.85kg/sqm 
2000x1000x1.2mm/18g CR4 9.42kg/sqm 
2000x1000x1.6mm/16g CR4 12.56kg/sqm 
2000x1000x2mm/14g CR4 15.7kg/sqm 
2500x1250x0.8mm/22g CR4 6.28kg/sqm 
2500x1250x1.0mm/20g CR4 7.85kg/sqm 
2500x1250x1.2mm/18g CR4 9.42kg/sqm 
2500x1250x1.6mm/16g CR4 12.56kg/sqm 
2500x1250x2mm/14g CR4 15.7kg/sqm 

Galvanized Sheets

Size Weight
2000x1000x0.8mm/22g 6.28kg/sqm
2000x1000x1.0mm/20g 7.85kg/sqm
2000x1000x1.2mm/18g 9.42kg/sqm 
2000x1000x1.5mm/16g 12.56kg/sqm
2500x1250x0.8mm22g 6.28kg/sqm 
2500x1250x0.9mm/20g 7.07kg/sqm 
2500x1250x1.2mm/18g 9.42kg/sqm 
2500x1250x1.5mm/16g 11.78kg/sqm
2500x1250x2mm/14g  15.7kg/sqm 

Corrugated Galvanized Roofing Sheets 3" deep/24" wide

6' long 
7' long
8' long
9' long
10' long
12' long


Size Weight
2000x1000x3mm  23.55kg/sqm
2000x1000x5mm  39.25kg/sqm 
2000x1000x6mm  47.1kg/sqm 
2000x1000x8mm  62.8kg/sqm 
2000x1000x10mm  78.5kg/sqm 
2000x1000x12.5mm  98.12kg/sqm 
2500x1250x3mm  23.55kg/sqm  
2500x1250x5mm  39.25kg/sqm 
2500x1250x6mm  47.1kg/sqm 
2500x1250x10mm  78.5kg/sqm 
2500x1250x12.5mm  98.12kg/sqm 

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Durbar(Chequer) Plates

Size Weight
2000x1000x4.5mm  37.97kg/sqm 
2000x1000x6mm  49.74kg/sqm 
2500x1250x3mm  26.19kg/sqm 
2500x1250x4.5mm  37.97kg/sqm 
2500x1250x6mm  49.74kg/sqm 

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