Mild Steel Flats and Bars 


  • Contact UsFlat bars from 10 x 3mm to 600 x 25mm.
  • Square bars from 10 x 10mm to 100 x 100mm.
  • Round bars from 6mm to 100mm diameter.
  • We also offer a limited range of bright and alloys.
  • Flats and bars are sold in 6m lengths, with some smaller sizes available in 4m lengths.
  • All can be cut to size and delivered to you.

Please contact us for any size not shown. A full range of all non-stock sizes is available to order. 

Many larger width flats are ex-stock in short and off-cut lengths; please ask our sales staff for latest availablility.

Stock - M.S.Flat

Size Weight/Bar Length   Size Weight/Bar Length
10x3mm 0.236Kgm 4M      
13x3mm 0.283Kgm 4M   13x5mm 0.471Kgm 4M
16x3mm  0.38Kgm 4M       
20x3mm 0.471Kgm 6M   20x5mm 0.785Kgm 6M
20x6mm 0.942Kgm 6M   20x10mm 1.57Kgm 6M
25x3mm 0.589Kgm 6M   25x5mm 0.981Kgm 6M
25x6mm 1.18Kgm 6M   25x8mm 1.57Kgm 6M
25x10mm 1.96Kgm 6M   25x12mm 2.36Kgm 6M
30x3mm 0.707Kgm 6M   30x5mm 1.18Kgm 6M
30x6mm 1.41Kgm 6M   30x8mm 1.88Kgm 6M
30x10mm 2.36Kgm 6M   30x12mm 2.83Kgm 6M
40x3mm 0.942Kgm 6M   40x5mm 1.57Kgm 6M
40x6mm 1.88Kgm 6M   40x8mm 2.51Kgm 6M
40x10mm 3.41Kgm 6M   40x12mm 3.77Kgm 6M
40x15mm 4.71Kgm 6M   40x20mm 6.28Kgm 6M
40x25mm 7.85Kgm 6M      
45x6mm 2.12Kgm 6M    45x8mm  2.83Kgm 6M
50x3mm 1.18Kgm 6M   50x5mm 1.96Kgm 6M
50x6mm 2.36Kgm 6M   50x8mm 3.14Kgm 6M
50x10mm 3.93Kgm 6M   50x12mm 4.71Kgm 6M
50x15mm 5.89Kgm 6M   50x20mm 7.85Kgm 6M
50x25mm 9.81Kgm 6M      
60x6mm 2.83Kg/M 6M      
65x3mm 1.53Kgm 4M   65x6mm 3.06Kgm 6M
65x8mm 4.08Kgm 6M   65x10mm 5.10Kgm 6M
65x12mm 6.12Kgm 6M      
70x6mm 3.30Kgm 6M   70x10mm 5.50Kgm 6M
75x6mm 3.53Kgm 6M   75x10mm 5.89Kgm 6M
75x12mm 7.07Kgm 6M      
80x3mm 1.88Kgm 4M   80x5mm 3.14Kgm 6M
80x6mm 3.77Kgm 6M   80x8mm 5.02Kgm 6M
80x10mm 6.28Kgm 6M   80x12mm 7.54Kgm 6M
80x15mm 9.42Kgm 6M      
90x6mm 4.24Kgm 6M   90x10mm 7.07Kgm 6M
90x12mm 8.48Kgm 6M      
100x3mm 2.36Kgm 4M   100x5mm 3.93Kgm 6M
100x6mm 4.71Kgm 6M   100x8mm 6.28Kgm 6M
100x10mm 7.85Kgm 6M   100x12mm 9.42Kgm 6M
100x15mm 11.78Kgm 6M   100x20mm 15.70Kgm 6M
100x25mm 19.63Kgm 6M      
120x10mm 9.42Kgm 6M      
130x3mm 3.06Kgm 4M   130x6mm 6.12Kgm 6M
130x10mm 10.20Kgm 6M   130x12mm 12.20Kgm 4M
150x3mm 3.53Kgm 4M   150x5mm 5.89Kgm 6M
150x6mm 7.07Kgm 6M   150x8mm 9.42Kgm 6M
150x10mm 11.80Kgm 6M   150x12mm 14.10Kgm 6M
150x15mm 17.66Kgm 6M   150x20mm 23.55Kgm 6M
180x6mm 8.46Kgm 6M   180x8mm 11.30Kgm 6M
180x10mm 14.10Kgm 6M   180x12mm 17.00Kgm 6M
180x15mm 21.2Kgm 6M   180x20mm 28.26Kgm 6M
200x6mm 9.40Kgm 6M   200x8mm 12.60Kgm 6M
200x10mm 15.70Kgm 6M   200x12mm 18.80Kgm 6M
200x15mm 23.60Kgm 6M   200x20mm 31.40Kgm 6M
220x6mm 10.36Kgm 6M    220x20mm  34.54Kgm 6M 
250x6mm 11.76Kgm 6M   250x8mm 15.70Kgm 6M
250x10mm 19.60Kgm 6M   250x12mm 23.6Kgm 6M
250x15mm 29.44Kgm 6M   250x20mm 39.25Kgm 6M
270x10mm 21.20 Kgm 6M   275x10mm 21.98Kgm 6M 
300x6mm 14.15Kgm 6M   300x8mm 18.65Kgm 6M
300x10mm 23.60Kgm 6M   300x12mm 28.30Kgm 6M
300x15mm 35.33Kgm 6M   300x20mm 47.10Kgm 6M
300x25mm  58.8Kgm 6M      
350x20mm  54.95Kgm 6M       
400x10mm 31.4Kgm 6M    400x20mm  62.81Kgm 6M
450x10mm  35.24Kgm 6M    500x10mm  39.25Kgm 6M 


40x12 HALF ROUND S.EDGE 3.18Kgm 6M
50x12 HALF ROUND S.EDGE 4.17Kgm 6M

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Size Weight/Bar Length
10mm SQUARE M.S. 0.79Kgm 6M
12mm SQUARE M.S. 1.26Kgm 6M
16mm SQUARE M.S. 2.01Kgm 6M
20mm SQUARE M.S. 3.14Kgm 6M
25mm SQUARE M.S. 4.91Kgm 6M
30mm SQUARE M.S. 7.07Kgm 6M

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Size Weight
6mm 0.22Kgm 6M
8mm 0.395Kgm 6M
10mm 0.62Kgm 6M
12mm 0.89Kgm 6M
16mm 1.58Kgm 6M
20mm 2.47Kgm 6M
25mm 3.85Kgm 6M

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Bright M.S.Round (070M20/080A15)

Size Weight
3/16" 3M BAR
1/4" 3M BAR
5/16" 3M BAR
3/8" 3M BAR
1/2" 3M BAR
5/8" 3M BAR
3/4" 3M BAR
7/8" 3M BAR
1" 3M BAR
1.1/8" 3M BAR
1.3/16" 3M BAR
1.1/4" 3M BAR
1.1/2" 3M BAR
1.3/4" 3M BAR
2" 3M BAR
2.1/2" 3M BAR

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