Mild Steel Angles 

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  • Equal angles from 20 x 20 x 3mm to 200 x 200 x 24mm.
  • Unequal angles from 40 x 25 x 4mm to 200 x 150 x 18mm.
  • Angle section bars are stocked in 6M, and 12M lengths on larger sizes.
  • All can be cut to size and delivered to you.

Please contact us for any size not shown. A full range of all non-stock sizes is available to order.

Stock - M.S.Angles

Size Weight/Length   Size Weight/Length
20x20x3mm 0.88Kgm 6M      
25x25x3mm 1.11Kgm 6M   25x25x5mm 1.77Kgm 6M
30x30x3mm  1.36Kgm 6M    30x30x5mm  2.18Kgm 6M
40x25x4mm 1.93Kgm 6M   40x40x5mm  2.42Kgm 6M 
40x40x3mm   1.84Kgm 6M     40x40x6mm    3.52Kgm 6M 
50x40x5mm  3.37Kgm 6M    50x50x6mm  4.47Kgm 6M 
50x50x3mm 2.33Kgm 6M    50x50x8mm  5.82Kgm 6M
50x50x5mm 3.77Kgm 6M      
60x60x6mm  5.42Kgm 6M    60x60x8mm  7.09Kgm 6M
65x50x6mm 5.16Kgm 6M       
70x70x6mm 6.38Kgm 6M    70x70x10mm  10.3Kgm 6M 
70x70x8mm 8.36Kgm 6M      
75x50x6mm  5.65Kgm 6M    75x75x6mm  6.87Kgm 6M 
80x80x6mm   7.34Kgm 6M    80x80x10mm  11.90Kgm 6M 
80x80x8mm  9.63Kgm 6M       
90x90x6mm  8.30Kgm 6M       
100x65x7mm  8.77Kgm 6M    100x100x8mm  12.2Kgm 12M 
100x75x8mm  10.6Kgm 12M    100x100x10mm  15Kgm 12M 
100x75x10mm  13Kgm 12M       
120x120x8mm  14.7Kgm 12M       
125x75x8mm 12.2Kgm 12M   125x75x10mm 15Kgm 12M  
150x75x10mm 17Kgm 12M   150x150x10mm 23Kgm 12M  
150x90x10mm 18.2Kgm 12M       
200x100x10mm  23Kgm 12M      200x100x12mm 27.3Kgm 12M
200x150x12mm  32Kgm 12M    200x150x12mm 39.6Kgm 12M 


Size Weight/Length
50x50x6mm  4.47Kgm 6M

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