• RSC from 51 x 25mm to 76 x 38mm available in 6 metre lengths only.
  • PFC from 100 x 50 x 10kg/m to 430 x 100 x 64kg/m available in 6 and/or 12 metre lengths (other lengths are available to order).
  • All can be cut to size and delivered to you.

Please contact us for any size not shown. A full range of all non-stock sizes is available to order.


Stock - Channels

Parallel Flange Channel (PFC)

Size Weight/Length
100x50x10  10.2kgm 6.1 /12.2M 
125x65x15  14.9kgm 6M&12M 
150x75x18  17.9kgm 6M 


Size Weight/Length
51x38mm  5.80Kgm 6M 
51x25mm  4.56Kgm 6M 
76x38mm  6.70Kgm 6M 

Pressed Channel

Size Weight/Length
4"x2"x3mm C.F.PLAIN CHANNEL 25' 

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